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Listed Companies Seminar – Kingdee International Software Group Ltd. (268)



Mr. Fredrick LawSecurities and Investor Relations Director, Kingdee International



About Kingdee International

Market Capitalization

About HK$27 billion

Core Business

As the leader of enterprise resources planning software and enterprise cloud services in China, the Company has significant advantages in services and product maturity. The Company aims to build a strong distribution network via omni-channel marketing management, e-commerce integration, store chain and wholesale distribution

Business Growth

In 2017, the Group's revenue increased by 23.7% year-on-year, the highest and fastest growth rate in six years. In line with its "cloud transformation" development, enterprise-level cloud service revenue increased significantly by 66.7% year-on-year. The Group targets to achieve a CAGR of 55% to 58% for its cloud service revenue during 2017 to 2020

Strategic Plan

In this August, the strategic-grade product "Kingdee Cloud Cosmic" was launched, which is China's first self-controllable cloud service platform for large-sized enterprises developed based on cloud-native architectures, aiming to secure new large customers

Development Opportunities

The "Guidelines for Promoting Enterprise Cloud Implementation" will guide the intelligence transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The goal is to broaden the application of cloud computing in production, operation and management by 2020 with an addition of 1 million cloud enterprises in the country

Competitive Advantage

  1. Leader in SaaS ERP and SaaS financial software in China with market shares of 18% and 46% respectively
  2. Cooperating with industry leaders such as, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Huawei, the Company continues to promote product innovation and R&D
  3. Stable financial conditions, with cash equivalent assets and free cash flow reached RMB 2.5 billion and 450 million respectively for last year, in turn underpinning investment of product development and well-positioning to become a market consolidator